Brickyard Broadcast

Brickyard Broadcast for NCSU Choirs and Orchestra, Fall 2020

Lisa Bielawa, Composer / Producer

Dr. Peter Askim, Dr. Nathan Leaf, Conductors

The NC State/Raleigh Civic Orchestras are excited to collaborate with the NC State Choirs and acclaimed composer Lisa Bielawa for an innovative, cutting-edge fall project. Brickyard Broadcast will use technology and interactivity to reimagine the collaborative and concert-going experience.

Broadcast will continue the ensembles’ tradition of performing a World Premiere on every concert. Leveraging NC State’s unique position at the juncture of technology, research, real-world problem solving and the arts, the project creates a unique, courageous and joyful response to COVID. While the ability to gather for large-scale events is uncertain, the orchestras are prepared!

As a hybrid app/spatial real-world musical experience, Broadcast is able to be realized entirely virtually, or with a large-scale social distanced performance component (over a half a mile!). It encompasses an energizing participatory artistic process that is flexible and adaptive enough to evolve in any paradigm, from lock-down to large gathering.

Led by Bielawa, Askim and Leaf, orchestra and choir musicians will develop musical and record materials that give listeners a vast virtual and/or physical experience, with musical performances floating towards them from different directions. Listeners can walk (or bike!) (either virtually or physically) around the open “space,” guided by their own sense of which musical elements they wish to hear more closely. The resulting music can be experienced electronically/virtually (as an app, website AR or VR experience) and has the potential to be mounted as a physical performance over a vast distance. Every audience member’s experience will be completely unique. Together, the NC State and Raleigh Civic musicians and audiences will create a significant musical work that memorializes the unique shared journey on which we find ourselves during this challenging time.