Event Information:

  • Sun

    Raleigh Civic Chamber Orchestra Performs a World Premiere by Allison Loggins-Hull

    4:00 pmStewart Theatre, Talley Student Union

    The Raleigh Civic Chamber Orchestra performs a program including the world premiere of a newly commissioned work by Allison Loggins-Hull, part of the NC State/Raleigh Civic Orchestras' "20 for '20" season of world premieres. The season culminates with the 20th world premiere the orchestras have presented in the last five years, one on each concert. She writes, “I am focused on creating work that is responsive to the times and particularly drawn to highlighting the experiences of minorities, women, and exploring how American politics affect future generations…I am often consumed with these issues and histories, and as an artist I strongly believe it is my responsibility, especially in consideration of the times we are living in, to create work in this vein.

    The new commission by Allison Loggins-Hull to be performed by Raleigh Civic Chamber Orchestra was supported by New Music USA. To follow the project as it unfolds, visit the project page.

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