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    Raleigh Civic Chamber Orchestra: Pastorales - Music Inspired by Landscape

    4:00 pmStewart Theatre, Talley Student Union, 2610 Cates Ave, Raleigh, NC 27607
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    Pastorales: Music Inspired by Landscape and the Countryside


    Delvyn Case: Pneumenon (World Premiere)
    Lou Harrison: Seven Pastorales
    Ludwig von Beethoven: Symphony No. 6 (Pastorale)

    Ahhhh… Life in the country….


    The desire to escape the hustle and bustle of urban life goes back at least as far as Ancient Greece. The literary, artistic and musical Pastoral traditions include idealized scenes of rural life: babbling brooks, frolicking nymphs, wise wandering shepherds and a “pure" connection to the land that eludes the harried city dweller. (Take that, Athens!)


    In this musical look at the lure of the countryside, the Raleigh Civic Chamber Orchestra performs music’s most beloved example of pastoral music, Beethoven’s Sixth Symphony (“Pastorale”). Know for its gently wandering melodies, its depiction of birdsongs and its thrilling storm scene, the Symphony was made even more famous by Walt Disney’s Fantasia.


    The concert includes two more recent takes on the Pastorale tradition. Lou Harrison’s Seven Pastorales presents a unique contemporary view of nature: Virgil filtered through Bali, all with a North Carolina twist. Harrison's lyrical music unites his readings of ancient literature and his explorations of Asian musical traditions with his residency at North Carolina’s legendary Black Mountain College, where he composed parts of the piece.


    The concert also includes Pneumenon, a World Premiere composition by Boston composer Delvyn Case III. Using  musical material from Beethoven’s Sixth Symphony, Case transforms Beethoven’s music it into a living, breathing (literally!) and original new musical  world” one where the sounds of the performers breaths and bodies create a new sonic “landscape."


    Special Guest John Morillo, NC State English Department faculty, joins the orchestra to give an overview of the Pastorale tradition throughout time.

    Tickets: $10 Adults, $8 Seniors, $5 Students, Children Under 12 Free.

    Three ways to order tickets:
    - in person: main floor lobby, Thompson Hall
    - by phone: (919) 515-1100
    - online: click here


    Map to Talley Student Union: